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A Quick Update

Hello Everyone!

We are having a great Summer season!

We have some new exciting art and other great things coming this fall

Please watch out for news real soon and have a wonderful,  amazing weekend.



New Etsy Shop Open

Make use of our FALL/AUTUMN sale.

Please enter code FALL2012 at checkout for 10% off all items.

Have a magical day.

Thank you from my heart to yours

Thank you for visiting our site.  It's always been a great honor to be of service when it comes to art or spiritual growth.  Remember your dreams are put into your heart for a reason and that is to make them come true.  Belief is part of that magical recipe to advance into the realms of your greatness...

Thank you for your belief in my work.  I've put all my heart and love into each and every thing that goes into the art,  sprays, smudging herbs, jewelry... pretty much everything... all handcrafted by someone who cares... Me.... Oceans of blessings to you all Lozen BrownBear

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It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.

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